Basic Information

Company's name in Vietnamese: CONG TY TNHH DICH VU APOLLO VIET NAM

Company's name written inforeign languageAPOLLO VIET NAM SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED

Abbreviated Company's nameAVNS Co.,LTD

Tax code: 0315067632 

Legal typeA limited liability company 

Start at: 24/05/2018

Name of legal representativeNGUYEN BUU


Headquarters: ApolloTech
Toà Sbi ben trong Cong Vien Phàn Mèm Quang Trung só 1 To Ký p. Tan Chánh Hiẹp q.12 tp. Hò Chí Minh. GGmaps:

Branch 1-Hcm: ApolloTech -1
Só 33 Nhát Chi Mai p13 q.Tan Bình tp. Hò Chí Minh. GGmaps:

Business lines according to Vietnam's economic system:

- Industry code: 6201 Computer programming. ( Key sectors )

- Industry Code: 4651 Wholesale of computers, peripheral devices and software

- Industry Code: 4741 Retail sale of computers, peripheral devices, software and telecommunication equipment in specialized stores

- Industry code: 6312 Portal - set up information pages

- Industry code: 6209 IT services and other services related to computers

- Industry code: 6201 Computer programming

- Industry Code: 6202 Consulting on computers and computer system administration

- Industry code: 6311 Data processing, leasing and related activities

- Industry Code: 5820 Publishing software - Manufacturing software

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To Headquarters: ApolloTech

To Branch 1: ApolloTech -1

Apollo Technology Solution - Dich vu Apollo Viet Nam - AVNS Co.,Ltd
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